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What Are The Benefits Of Using Solder Tapes?

Posted by Admin on March, 04, 2021

Plenty of cartons are filled with products, sealed and then shipped to different places by companies large and small every day. Sealing the cartons properly is necessary to make sure that each atom reaches its destination intact. The high-quality plastic and the tapes that are pressure-sensitive does the job better and faster but is very easy to peel off the box or cartons on which these are used. This doesn’t provide you with the benefits of understanding whether the carton was tampered with by anyone or security against pilferage. The pressure sensitive and plastic takes may not be the right choice for using it on carton boxes that are shipped to different parts of the world. This is why choosing solder tapes is the best option. It is an ideal carton sealing solution for all companies.

If your packages need strength and security, these tapes are the perfect solution that you needed. These tapes are known as the water-activated tapes and it has plenty of benefits compared to the plastic tape. You can also choose to brand it with your logo on it. This is even safer and also repetitive stress injuries are decreased. This a because the packers do not have to use the hand-held tape guns. When you choose the solder tapes you will get better packaging. These are simple to use and better than handheld tape guns.

This article will help you to learn in greater detail the advantages of using these tapes for your carton sealing operations.

Peace Of Mind
The solder tape manufacturers in Gujarat have designed these tapes to be tamper-proof. This protects the contents of the package from being tampered with by creating a bond between the adhesive and the carton box. This bond is usually made using two layers and a cross pattern of the fibreglass filaments laminated in between, these takes provide you with total tamper evidence.
Once you use this tape on the corrugated box, the bond between the tape and carrot creates a permanent carton seal, any tampering signs will be evident and visible.

Good For Under Or Over Filled Cartons
Using staples, plastic take or glue to seal the overfilled cartons is not effective. However, when you use this take it quickly adheres to the carton and makes it possible to consistently seal the overfilled cartons with ease.

Conversely, if the cartons are under filled, these tapes will hold the flaps of the carton closed securely, this gives the carton another layer of great strength.

Resistance To Harsh Conditions
If you have used the pressure sensitive tapes earlier, you will understand that temperature or dust can undermine the quality of the tape seal. The tape is inherently durable, with the ability to withstand a wide variety of environmental factors which includes extreme heat, cold, dirt and dust.

Using these tapes to seal the corrugated boxes is a cost-effective solution. This is because these tapes help in creating a permanent bond with the carton, you will not only need one strip of tape for a secure seal, with plastic pressure sensitive tape and a hand-held gun, one strip is not enough to seal the caution. The Packers have to use more than three strips to close only one side of the corrugated box.

Contact the best solder tape supplier in the country and deal with them. Make sure that you learn about the quality of the products and also compare the price before you order.

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