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Things To Know About Elastic Tapes

Posted by Admin on September, 29, 2020

Though taping was used as a therapeutic technique around 1800s elastic taping like KT or Kinesiotape and rock tape has become popular recently. These are quite popular in the rehabilitation industry today. This is generally used to prevent or treat joint and muscle injuries like strains and sprains.

To promote and encourage the natural healing process, the elastic tapes are used to provide stability and support to the affected joints and muscles. This method doesn’t restrict or prevent the movement in the body and it can prolong the advantages of the therapy performed manually by the specialists.

What Is an Elastic Taping?

The Rock tape and Kinesiotape are two types of elastic taping. These tapes have amazing elasticity. It can stretch up to 140% of their original length. The tapes that you will get in the market are made using elastic filaments, cotton and have an amazing adhesive with great durability. The adhesive that is used is latex-free and resistant to water. This provides mechanical and tactile stimulation.

This method involves applying bandages which are made with adherent and elastic material which affects that muscle in a stretch position. After the tape is applied to the affected area, it is rubbed to activate the adhesive that is pressure sensitive.
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What Are The Advantages Of Elastic Taping?

When the elastic tapes are used on the muscles or joints that are affected, it lifts the skin to create a small space between the dermis and muscle layer. This reduces the pressure on the muscle that is injured and it reduces the pain. This process also reduces the localised acute inflammation and allows the muscle to move smoothly. Adding to lifting the skin, this also stimulates the removal of the waste products and also increased the amount of oxygen supply to the muscle that is affected and this will recover the strength of the muscle.

Uses Of The Tape

The tape is used for several purposes as mentioned earlier. Some are as follows:

Helps Treat Injuries

Some therapists use these tapes as a part of the overall treatment plan for the patient who has injured. According to some reports, it is believed that this type of taping is one of the most effective methods that is used with other treatments to provide maximum benefit. It is also used to mitigate swelling and pain as well.

Supports The Weak Zones

In some cases, the elastic taping is done to provide extra support to the joints and muscles of some patients. If a person has IT band friction syndrome, patellofemoral stress syndrome or Achilles tendonitis, then he or she can choose elastic taping.

Rather than choosing athletic tape or while medical tapes, the tapes that are used for elastic taping lets you move freely and normally. Even in some studies, it is been found that this can enhance endurance and movement in your body. Also, if this tape is used on the fatigued muscles, it can improve your performance.

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