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How To Choose The Best Woven Elastic Tape?

Posted by Admin on March, 19, 2020

Previously the home sewer only had one choice when it came to the type of elastic they would use. But now, things have really changed a lot. The tables have dramatically turned. Previously people only used to stop and think the function of that elastic and after that they would consider the width. The woven elastic tape manufacturer in India supplied good quality stuff.
But today things have changed. Now in the market there are many types of elastic available, just like the number of sewing threads. Previously there was only white elastic used by home sewers but now you can find many different types of elastic of various colours.
Mostly home used elastics are found in only two colours. The white and black are the common two colours. But now there has been a lot of improvement. Now you can many options.

Types of Elastic-
Typically there are four various kinds of elastic which are available in the market for any home sewing project. Among those four categories you can choose many different types of elastic.
Also, it is very important that you know about the various kinds of elastic and what are their particular functions. Or else, you might have a risk of ending up spending too much money, time and even energy in? Behind sewing something and then afterwards you realise that everything is going wrong just because the correct type of elastic was not been used.
But among all the various types of elastic the very common and the most used elastic is the woven elastic tape.

Woven Elastic Tape-
• Most commonly it’s the woven elastic tape which is used by people. The elastic is very easy to work with it is available in widths ½” to almost 8 inches also it is very inexpensive.
• The woven elastic tape is a little thicker generally than any other kind of elastic. It also maintains the real height and does not even become narrow after being really stretched.
• Needle piercings cannot weaken the woven elastic as it is really durable and thick. You can also use the woven elastic for some projects like home décor and upholstery.
• The non-roll ribbed woven elastic is very suitable for wristbands. But they are not really that effective as the non-roll flat woven elastic. The flat woven non-roll elastic diets really roll or twist like the other elastic.
• The cotton beating suit has elastic which is a woven elastic and that is recommended. But it is not completely essential for the making of bathing suits. There are elastic fibres which are encased in cotton as being opposed to polyester, cotton blend and polyester.
• There are many woven elastic tape manufacturers in India which are relay softer to touch. But there is no particular difference in performance. It just worked fine like the polyester or blend of cotton and polyester. Also, there are bathing suits made using this woven elastic tape so surely there is no change in performance when in contact with water.
This was some basic information about the woven elastic tape.

You can find really amazing woven elastic tape manufacturer in India, who can offer quality woven elastic tapes at discounted rates.

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