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Decoding Athletes Favorite Tapes- The Cotton Elastic Tapes

Posted by Admin on July, 02, 2019

If due to any reason you suffer a bad skeletal or muscular injury, then you might be suggested to wrap a Kinesio tape by your physiotherapist. The Kinesio tapes are actually cotton elastic tapes that relieve us from pains that we might suffer due to vigorous muscular training or work.

Benefits of using cotton elastic tapes
Cotton elastic tapes are so versatile and useful because not only does it help in relieving us from pains but also prevents any further injury. Apart from that, these Kinesio tapes manufactured by Cotton Elastic tapes wholesalers helps in stimulating lymphatic flow and also enhance our physical performance.

What is the working mechanism of the cotton elastic tapes?
Its working principle is mostly based on the science of human movement, which is also known as Kinesiology. The cotton elastic tapes, also known as Kinesio tapes provide support to the affected muscles or joints from outside. Thus, it can relieve pain from almost any part of the body, such as lower back, nerves, knees, elbows, headaches, etc.

Some quick and interesting facts about the magic tapes by Cotton Elastic tapes wholesalers:-
1. The cotton elastic tape is widely sold all around the world by a large number of cotton elastic tapes wholesalers but ever wondered how did they come into existence? Well, this magic pain reliever first came to existence in the year 1973 in Japan and was invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase.
2. It might be made up of some cotton fabric but it can still extend up to 40 percent of its actual size and thus is elastic.
3. Cotton elastic tapes are available in a variety of color and the color has nothing to do with the efficiency level of these tapes.
4. A single cotton elastic tape roll can be used up to ten applications!
5. Kinesio taping method is one of the most effective taping method besides being the most economical as well.
6. The cotton elastic tapes are capable of relieving humans from toothaches as well.

Who should use it?
Whether you are
• preparing for your first marathon,
• getting ready for your first game,
• reaching a personal fitness goal, or
• just trying to get through the day,

Nobody slows you down other than aching and injury. This tape is light weight, comfortable to wear. It can be used for numerous common injuries like lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained ankles, and tennis elbow, these are just to name a few. It provides pain relief and support so you don't have to slow down.

Where to buy them from?
The best place to buy these is from manufacturers and wholesalers because:-
• They have highly dedicated professionals, by the help of whom they can meet the exact demands of the customers.
• The cotton elastic tape wholesalers are usually associated with modern transit facilities. Thus, they provide the absolute necessity on time and not after the pain has gone beyond temporary relieving techniques.
• They offer the tapes at the most reasonable prices.

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